​​Board of Directors Volunteers Needed (April 2023 Deadline)

- 4 meetings per year (Dec 14th)

- flexible commitment, 2 year term 

​- establish program(s) and mission

​- improve our court surfaces (IRS 501c3)

​​Tennis News- September

- Classic Doubles 10AM Drop IN (MWF)

Tennis News- October

- Saturday AM Mixer 9am Drop IN

- Classic Doubles 10AM Drop IN (MWF)

Community Matches

Warwick Hills 2nd 1pm

Juniors Lessons- Indoor

Pickle Ball- Indoor​​

Tennis Interests? 

We would like to hear from our visitors which activities (y) are you excited about???

(FD)- fund raiser for youth programming

Raising Funds for Youth Tennis

Big Ten Tennis Shootout