​​Board of Directors Volunteers Needed 

September Community is Welcome

Outdoor Season

Class Registration Summer Session 7/11-8/8

- Tennis 101  (Beginner Level, Red and Orange Ball)

- Progression     (Intermediate Level, Youth Red Orange/Green/Yellow Ball Levels)

- Match Play   (Advanced/Competitive 12U Green, Teen/HS Yellow Ball Levels)

- Private Lessons

League Play-Offs July 15th

Finals July 22th

Singles Invitational July 29th/30th 

Coed Green Ball 10-13yo (2pm est)

Women WTN 26-35, 18-25 8am

Men WTN 26-35, 18-25 8am


Tennis Interests? 

We would like to hear from our visitors which activities (y) are you excited about???

Raising Funds for Youth Tennis

Big Ten Tennis Shootout